Swedish M/1867-89


Swedish Socket Bayonet for the M/1867-89 rifle

In the 1880th the Swedish-Norwegian weapon commission concluded that the M/1867 rifle, with its outdated blackpowder cartridge had to be replaced. In Norway the M/1884 Jarmann rifle was selected as standard rifle, but in Sweden the M/1867 rifle was modified to accept a modern smokeless 8mm bullet. (later named 8×58mmR Danish Krag). The bayonets then had to be modified to fit a barrel with smaller diameter. This bayonet was designated M/1867-89.

The bayonet blade has a cruciform shape and came with at leather scabbard and a leather frog. Link to the M/1867-89 frog.


102,000 M/1867 bayonets got modified at Carl Gustaf Stad to the new M/1867-89.

Dimensions (lengths in mm):

TypeLengde Lengde bladLengde dølleDiameterVekt
M/1867-89ca 538ca 485ca 4715,5
M/1867ca 560ca 485ca 6719

M/1867 (at the top) and M/1867-89 (below)

M/1867-89 socket

The modification of the bayonet was done by removing the socket, and then attaching the smaller socket by welding. In the picture to the left, you can see a brown ring, where the blade is connected to the new socket. D

The bayonet was secured (or released) by a press-button. This is a unique design, which is not common for socket bayonets.



M/1867-89 in scabbard with bayonet frog.