Danish Bayonets


This page shows an overview of some bayonets used in Danmark.

ModelTypeWeaponTotal lenght (mm)
M/1746Socket14-lødig infantry musket
M/1765-69-74SocketM/1767 infantry musketca 525
M/1767-69 dragoonSocketM/1767 and M1769 dragoonca 460
M/1785SocketM/1785 infantry musketca 520
M/1794SocketM/1794 infantry musketca 710
Brown BessSocketBrown Bessca 545
M/1801SwordJaeger rifle - M/1801 +
M/1809SocketM/1809 infantry musketca 620
M/1828SocketM/1828 (-43) Minié rifleca 500
M/1848SocketFrench M/1822 musket +ca 535
M/1848 hirs.SwordJeger rifle M/1807 +
M/1854SocketRifle M/1854ca 570
M/1867SwordM/1867 and M/1867-96Norwegian pages
M/1889KnifeM/1889 Krag-Jørgensen +Norwegian pages
M/1915SwordM/1889 Krag-Jørgensen +
Swedish M/1896KnifeRifle M/1896, M/1938, AG M/1942
Swedish M/1914KnifeCarbine M/1894-14, SMG m/1945C
German K98KnifeK98k Mauser rifle
British P.1907KnifeLee-Enfield SMLE/Rifle No1
British M/1945 ESpikeM/45 E (Lee-Enfield)
M/1950KnifeM1 Garand rifle

Modified bayonet found in Skåne, Sweden.

LengthLength bladeLength socketDiameterWeigth
M/1822?ca 365+ca 92+ca 23?

Danish M/1950 bayonet