Bayonet Knot for Corporals / The Royal Guard


In earlier times the Corporals in the Norwegian army and later Corporals in His Majesty The King’s Guard (the Royal Guard) only, where given bayonet knots (portepees)  to put on their bayonets.

This practice is temporarily suspended for the Royal Guard, because the HK416 bayonet in current use does not have a good way to connect the bayonet knot.

Bayonet knot used by the Royal Guard. Three different generations. The easiest difference to notice is different length and size of the knots.

The bayonet knot was connected to the bayonet with a metal band. On the picture below this band has been replaced with a ring for a key. This was used as a replacement for the original band.

1894 bayonet with a bayonet knot for the Royal Guards, belt and pre WWII side cap for Privates and Corporals also used by the Royal Guards.

At the top black AG3 bayonet (M/1968) for the Royal Guard with short bayonet knot, At the bottom M/1916 bayonet with long bayonet knot.

Black M/1968 bayonet for the Royal Guard with short bayonet knot

M/1916 bayonet with knot for the Royal Guard, and Kongsberg M/1894 Krag-Jørgensen rifle. The side caps on the picture is a pre WWII and was used by Privates and Corporals in the Royal Guard (winter).

M/1968-bayonet (type1) with knot and side cap for Majors (summer)