Swedish Bayonets


Sweden is a county with long military history and is one of the countries with most interesting bayonets. This page shows links for some bayonets used in Sweden.

ModelTypeGunTotal length
ca 1730- 1750er.no/en/socket-bayonets/">SocketInfantry musketca 410
M/1762SocketM/1762 Flintlock musket +ca 715
M/1775SocketM/1775 Flintlock musket +ca 710
M/1747-89SocketM/1747-89 Flintlock musket ca 717
M/1791SocketM/1791 Flintlock musket +ca 720
Brown BessSocketBrown Bessca 545
M/1815Socket M/1815 musketca 520
M/1815-20SwordM/1815-20 musket
M/1815-26SocketM/1815-26 musketca 693
M/1840SocketM/1840 percussion musket +ca 655
M/1845 NavySocketM/1845 Navy percussion musketca 565
M/1851 NavySocketM/1851 Navy chamber loaderca 560
M/1855SocketMinié perc. M/1855 & M/1856ca 605
M/1856SocketMinié percussion rifle M/1856ca 605
M/1857SocketMinié percussion rifle M/1857ca 660
M/1860SocketWrede rifle M/1860 +ca 647
M/1864SocketHagstrøms chamber loader M/1864
M/1867SocketSwedish rifle M/1867ca 560
M/1867-89SocketSwedish rifle M/1867-89ca 538
M/1896KnifeRifle M/1896 & M/1938, AG M/1942
M/1914KnifeCarbine M/1894-14, SMG M/1945C
M/1915Knife (long)Carbine M/1894-14, SMG M/1945C
German K98KnifeK98k repeating rifle (Mauser)
M/1915-52KnifeCarbine M/1894-14
M/1965KnifeAK4 auto carbine
M4900-155011KnifeAK5C auto carabine
Trial bayonets
FM/1881Socketfm/1881 Jarmann rifleca 470
FM/1961 FNSocketFN FAL Paraca 290

M/1857 bayonet on top of the Swedish Sillsalat union flag (in use between 1844 and 1905).

Swedish M/1815-49 muskets with M/1815 bayonets