Norwegian Bayonets


It took some time before production of bayonets started in Norway. The first bayonets used by the Norwegian forces, got produced in Germany and The Nederlands. From 1746 bayonets where delivered from Denmark, and most of these were produced at the armoury at Kronborg Geværfabrik. Denmark and Norway were in a union from 1380 to 1814. From 1536 Denmark was in full control of Norway. Norway did not start its own bayonet production before 1825, with the M/1825 socket bayonet.

The following table presents some of the bayonets used in Norway.

ModelTypeFirearmTotal length (mm)
Socket14-lødig infantery musketca 605
M/1765-69-74SocketM/1769 infantery muskett+ca 525
M/1767-69 dragoonSocketM/1767 og M1769 dragoonca 460
M/1785SocketM/1785 infantery musketca 520
M/1794SocketM/1794 infantery musketca 710
Brown BessSocketBrown Bessca 545
M/1801SwordJaeger Rifle M/1801 +
M/1825SocketM/1825 infantery musketca 525
M/1829SocketM/1829 infantery musketca 515
M/1843 NavySocketM/1843 musketca 575
M/1842-44SocketM/1842 Chamber loader
M/1846, -49 & -55SocketM/1846 chamber loader +ca 575
M/1851SwordM/1851 tappstusser
M/1859SwordM/1859 chamber loader +
M/1860 & M/1867SocketM/1860, -67 Lund, Landmarkca 580
M/1860SwordM/1860 and M/1867
M/1843-68 NavySocketM/1860-68 Navy
M/1876SwordM/1876 Krag-Petersson
M/1884 ArmyCruciformM/1884 Jarmann rep. rifle
M/1884 MarineKnifeM/1884 Jarman rep. rifleNorwegian pages
M/1894KnifeM/1894 Krag-Jørgensen
M/1913Knife (long)M/1912 Krag carbine
M/1916Knife (long)M/1894, M/1912 Krag
M/1894-43KnifeM/1894 Krag-Jørgensen
GB P.1907Knife (long)SMLE/Rifle No. 1 Mk III
GB Lee Enfield No. 4SpikeSMLE/Rifle No. 4 Mk I
GB P.1913Knife (long)P14 repeating rifle
M/1916 shortenedKnifeM/1894, M/1916 Krag
M/1944KnifeM/1894 Krag-Jørgensen
M/1954KnifeM1 carbine
M/1956 (M/1894)KnifeM1 carbine
K98KnifeK98kF1 repeating rifle
M/1957KnifeM1 Garand
M/1942 SLGKnifeM1 Garand
M/1968KnifeAG3 select fire rifle

Armband from Milorg with M/1894-bayonet (Husqvarna). Milorg was the main Norwegian resistance movement organisation during WWII. Below the Norwegian participant medal with rosette. The rosette tells that the recipient was participating in the fight agains the Germans twice. First in 1940 and then later in an organisation like in Milorg.