M/1746 Eng

Norway  Denmark

Socket bayonet for 14-lødig infantry musket

In the area around 1750 was the practical shooting range for the smoothbore only about 60 m. Combined with long reloading times, the bayonet was an very important part of a soldiers armament.

The M/1746 socket bayonet was produced by Kronborg in 38065 specimen. The bayonet got produced from 1748 to 1765.


Lengde Lengde bladLengde dølleDiameterVekt
ca 605ca 490ca 85ca 24


The bayonet exist in multiple variations. One variation is a ring mounted to make it stronger. An other rare variation is the attachment of a locking ring in the median of the socket.

The pictured bayonet has a open socket, but the bayonet exist in several different variations.

Early used socket bayonets used in Norway and Denmark. The short M/1767-69 pictured at the top, the M/1765-69-74 in the midle and M/1746 at the bottom.

M/1767-69 (at the bottom), M/1765-69-74 (midle) og M/1746 (at the top).