K98 Knife Bayonet Modified to Fit the M1 Rifle

After WWII there was a surplus of German K98 bayonets, (German notation Seitengewehr 98K) and some of these were modified to fit the American Garand M1 rifle, which was more advanced. This also was considered necessary, since more rifles than bayonets got delivered from USA.

M/1957 bayonet for the M1 self loading rifle.

M/1957 bayonet in scabbard

The modification required to fit the rifle involved adding pin mounted on an angled piece for metal that was welded to the crossbar and the flameshielding.

The scabbard was changed to Nato type by adding a welded hoop.

5,000 bayonet was delivered to Norwegian Hærens Våpentekniske Korps in April 1957. The bayonets was most likely modified at Vinghøgs Mekaniske Verksted AS in Tønsberg, Norway.