Long knife bayonet for Krag-Jørgensen rifle and carbine

The M/1916 bayonet is a stronger version of the  M/1913 bayonet. The fuller on each side of the blade is terminated a bit before the doble edged point.

From the top: M/1894,  M/1916 shortened M/1916.

The first 3,720 M/1916 bayonets was delivered with a numbered leather scabbard of same type as the M/1913 bayonet got. Later they got a metal scabbard.

Early M/1916 with leather scabbbard

From the top: M/1913, M/1916 with leather scabbard, M/1916 with metal scabbard and frog.

M/1916 with leather scabbard (top), the more common metal scabbard below.

M/1916 with metal scabbard

The metal scabbard for the M/1916 bayonet is thicker than the one on the M/1894 bayonet, so the frogs are not interchangeable.

The Norwegian military decided to use the M/1916 bayonet for both the M/1894 rifle and the M/1912 carbine. For the M/1894 rifle 31,000 bayonets was made, and for the M/1912 carbine 12,160 bayonets. The only was to figure out if the bayonet was delivered to the M/1894 or the M/1916 firearm is to check the serial number. Bayonets with serial numbers between 121,000 and 152,000 were delivered to the M&1894 rifle.

The mounted M/1916 on a M/1894 had an impressing range

42,481 bayonets was produced at Kongsberg våpenfabrikk with the following serial numbers:

From No To No Comment
1 320 Overlap M/1894
12 159 12 178
13 179 16 678
21 479 21 678
21 679 30 118
121 000 152 000

An unknown number of M/1916 bayonets were during WWII shortened by the Germans. These shortened bayonets are called M/1916 short.

From the top: M/1916 with leather scabbard, M/1916 with bayonet knot for corporals and His Majesty The King’s Guard. This has a refurnished scabbard, M/1916 with metal scabbard and frog. M/1916 with metal scabbard.