Socket Bayonet for the M/1829 Musket

Due to weaknesses with the M/1825 musket, the Norwegians military soon changed to a more robust musket, the M/1829 musket.

In 1841 this musket was changed to use percussion lock, and today there is only one known unchanged M/1829 musket left.

The M/1829 muskets were delivered with the M/1829 socket bayonet. A version based on the M/1825 bayonet. The new bayonet model differed by having a shorter and thicker arm. A unknown number of bayonet got produced at the weapon factory at Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk.


M/1829 seen from one side

Lengde Lengde bladLengde dølleDiameterVekt
ca 515ca 426ca 64ca 21,5


M/1829 at the top, M/1825 below. M/1825 og M/1829 are related, but the M/1829 are thicker and deeper fullers

Some of the M/1829 was marked with the crowned K mark from Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk, others are unmarked.

Crowned K