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Socket Bayonet For 16-lødig (17.5 mm) Infantry Musket

In the 1760s, the army in Denmark-Norway changed from using about 18.3 mm balls, in their in flintlock muskets, to use smaller caliber balls.

The M/1765 -69-74 socket bayonet was used with the following muskets: 16-lødig musket M/1765 (Denmark), M/1769 16-lødig infantry musket and M 1774 16-lødig musket (Denmark).


Dimensions (length in mm):

LengthLength bladeLength socketDiameterWeigth
ca 525ca 390ca 95ca 23

M/1765 seen from below

The socket seen from below

See also M/1767-69 dragoon

Painting: Andreas Bloch 1860-1917