Frog for M/1859 and M/1860 Sword Bayonet

The Norwegian M/1859 and M/1860 (-67) bayonets was used with several different variants of frogs, but none of them are easy to get hold of.

The frog on the pictures below has a metal buckle, which indicates that it probably is a early version of the frog frog.

M/1860-bayonet with frog

M/1860 frog with metal buckle

Frog for the M/1860 bayonet

The leather scabbard used on these bayonets, got a leather strap used to secure it to the buckle on the frog. There is also a version where the frog does not have a buckle, but a smal metal rod or button where the strap can be secured.

The strap on the scabbard is a weak spot, and for the most of the scabbard you will see today, the strap is fallen off or is torn.

The scabbard to the left got a strap that will fit to a frog with a metal stud. This strap is likely the newest of the two. The scabbard to the left has a stud that will fit to a buckle.

The picture shows a M/1860 bayonet frog with a metal stud.