Unidentified Frog for Krag Jørgensen


This bayonet frog has similarities to the M/1894 and M/1916 frogs, but the normal metal loop is replaced with a loop in leather. This leather loop is missing any good mechanism to secure the scabbard to the frog, so the scabbard can easily slid out.

Unknown frog to M/1894 bayonet?

baksidemed m/1894 heng

The frog is possibly made from a M/1913 or M/1916 leather scabbard.

The backside of the frog/scabbard for the M/1913 bayonet above, the unknown frog attached to a M/1916 steel scabbard below.

Is this a homemade hang, or maybe an improvised repair? I am happy to hear from you here.