Swedish M/1914 Frog


This page displays some frogs for the Swedish M/1914 bayonet.

The M/1914 frogs looks similar to the M/1896 frogs, but they got a longer slot.

M/1914 bayonet frog used by the cavalry. The frog is made in a way, that put the bayonet in a angle that is practical for a rider to horse 

M/1914 cavalry frog

Henget nedenfor er et rett heng til M/1914. Henget er modifisert ved at sikkerhetsløkken for å holde bajonetten på plass er fjernet.

M/1914 frog. This straight frog is modified by removing one of the strap designed to secure the bayonet.

M/1914 bayonet with “straight” frog

This M/1914 frog is unused and unmarked. The frog is probably made for the private market.