M/1954 SLK (USM4)

Norway ++

Knife bayonet for US Carbine M1

The United States Carbine, M1, is a light self loading carbine. In Norway it was used by officers and spesialists from 1952 – 1970. The Norwegian gun factory Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk, produced a copy of the American bayonet for use by the Army.

Bayonet M/1954  for M1 self loading carbine.

The knife bayonet has a rilled grip in brown leather, and got a small release button on each side of the end of the grip. Both the bayonet and the grip is marked with the “K” for Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk. The bayonet is marked both on the crossguard and at the top of the hilt.

The crossguard is marked US M4.

Kongsberg K marking at the top of the hilt button

The scabbard is made in green plastic, and have a metal hoop used to secure it to the belt. 

The frog that is integrated to the scabbard, has a web strap with a button used to secure the bayonet to the scabbard. The the scabbard is marked US M8A1.

M/1954 bayonet, on top of a “Battle uniform” used by a fenrik (Second Lieutenant) in the artillery.