M/1916 shortened

Norway  Germany

Shortened M/1916 bayonets for the Krag Jørgensen rifle and carbine

The German occupation forces in Norway shortened a number of M/1913 and M/1916 bayonets, giving them the same or similar length as the M/1894. The scabbards for this bayonet exist both in a modified leather and in a metal version. The leather scabbard is pretty rare.

Shortened M/1916 with metal scabbard and frog

Some of the shortened bayonet have gotten their serial number ground off, or gotten the blade ground off enough to fit the narrower M/1894 or M/1843 scabbards.

Some of the bayonets was blued when they got shortened.

The fuller of the shortened bayonet is running all the way to the point

The number of the bayonets that got shortened is unknown.