Long Bayonet for Lang Krag-Jørgensen M/1912 carbine.

In the years before WWI it was considered an advantage to have long range for the mounted bayonet, and the trend was that they got increasingly longer. For the short M/1912 Krag Jørgensen carbine, it was decided to make a long knife bayonet, M/1913, based on the design from the M/1894 bayonet.

About  3.000 bayonets got produced at Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk with serial number 501-1000 and 2209-4708.

The bayonet was an evolution from the trail bayonet M/1912. The M/1912 had two fullers running to the point of the blade. The test bayonet was considered too weak, and the M/1913 was made more robust, with only one fuller.

The M/1913 bayonet has a fuller that run all the way to the point, while the fuller of the later M/1916 is terminated a bit before the point of the bayonet.

The fuller on the  M/1913 is running all the way to the point. The fuller on the M/1916 below is shorter, this is considered give the bayonet better penetration ability.

The bayonet got approved 16. June 1913 with the name “Long bayonet M/1912”. The notation “M/1913” used by collectors today, is probably of newer date, and given because of the approbation year.

M/1913 bayonet with leather scabbard

The bayonet got a leather scabbard with an integrated (sewn) frog. The first M/1916 bayonets had the same type of scabbard as these.

The M/1913 bayonet laying on a M/1914 light weapon jacket.

Norwegian soldier with long Krag Jørgensen bayonet.