Socket Bayonet for M/1864 Hagstrøms Chamber Loader

The Swedish M/1864 socket bayonet was made for the chamber loader rifle M/1864, in Swedish sometimes called “Hagströms första tändnålsgevärsmodell”. Already before it was delivered the rifle was considered obsolete. That is why some of them was changed to Remington mechanism  (M/1864-68).

The bayonet got produced by the following factories: Husqvarna, Carl Gustaf Stad and Eskilstuna Jernmanufactur.

M/1864 in scabbard

The bayonet got a leather scabbard similar to the M/1857 and M/1860 scabbard.

M/1864 with scabbard

Marking on the socket, The pictured bayonet is produced at Carl Gustaf Stad

M/1864 at the top, M/1860 in the middle og M/1857 at the bottom.