M/1859 Sword Bayonet for Chamber Loader M/1859, 15-lødig tappstusser (converted 1860) og shortened Chamber Loader (1859)

With the introduction of chamber loaders, the loading rod became obsolete. This allowed the bayonet to be fastened below the firearm. The M/1859 bayonet was designet to be fastened in this way, and the firearm became easier to aim and shoot than previous models. The M/1859 bayonet got a Yataghan design, and came with a leather scabbard.

M/1859 with scabbard. The bayonet on the picture is in the number series 10,858 og 12,466, and was made for the  18-lødig chamber loader.

TheM/1859 bayonet is similar with several later Norwegian bayonet models, the most common is M/1860 and M/1867. The biggest difference between the M/1859 and the M/1860/-67 bayonets is that the later got smaller diameter on the barrel ring.

M/1859 (to the left) fits a bigger caliber firearm, and got a larger diameter on the barrel ring than M/1860 (to the right).

M/1860 to the left, M/1859 to the right

The bayonet got produced at Kongsberg våpenfabrikk and is marked with a crowned K on the blade.

The bayonet got used with several different versions of chamber loader and tappstusser rifles. The following table shows a summery of the types

Model våpenBeskrivelseAntallSerienummer
M/1859 18-lødig kammerladergeværca 170010858-12466
M/1825/41/6015-lødig tappstusserInnen 1 - ca 2334
M/1829/41/6015-lødig tappstusserLavt nummer
M/1834/41/6015-lødig tappstusserLavt nummer
M/1842/55/59Avkortet kammerladergevær?Innen 1-400
M/1846/55/59Avkortet kammerladergevær?Innen 1-1500
M/1849/55/59Avkortet kammerladergevær?Innen 1-6673
M/1855/59Avkortet kammerladergevær?Innen 6710-10807
M/1855/57/59Avkortet kammerladergeværca 600?Observert mellom 8296-8864

The bayonets had the same numbering as the matching rifle.