Sword Bayonett for Jaeger Rifle

In 1841 the Norwegian military decided to convert the M/1803 Jaeger Rifle from flint lock to percussion. Further in 1851, it was decided to change it to the “tappstusser” system. The rifle now got the designation M/1803/1841/1851 rifle (tappstusser).

The tappstusser system was invented in France in 1844.

The rifle was provided with a sword bayonet. This sword bayonet, M/1851, was produced at Kongsberg weapon factory (Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk) in Norway. The bayonet got a Yataghan shaped blade, with fullers on both sides.

M/1851 sword bayonet

The bayonet was mounted on the side of the eight angled barrel. The bayonet got provided with an unusual wooden grip to fit the barrel. The grip got 17 grooves. If you should see a M/1851 bayonet with a different number of grooves than 17, it probably has a grip that is not original to the bayonet.

Skjefteplate i tre

The individual bayonet was customised to fit a particular rifle.