Socket Bayonet for  M/1840 and M/1845 Percussion Muskets Plus M/1854 Percussion rifle (Minié)

The Swedish socket bayonet M/1840 was produced in 10,000 units at the factories in Carl Gustaf Stads, Husqvarna and Norrtälje. The bayonet was used for the smoothbore M/1840 og M/1845-percussion muskets, and later for the M/1854 percussion rifle. This rifle was the first Minié rifle used by the military in Sweden.

Lengde Lengde bladLengde dølleDiameterVekt
ca 655ca 575ca 67ca 23

M/1840 bayonet

M/1840 seen from below

M/1840 socket detail

According to Per Holmbäck the M/1845 bayonet was probably stamped with production year on the blade.

Production year below, serial number at the top