M/1815-20 Hirschfänger Bayonet


Hirschfänger Bayonet to M/1815-26 Flintlock Musket

The hirschfenger bayonet was made to be used on the flintlock musket M/1815-20 (rifled) by the Swedish fältjägare» (field jaegers).  The number of produced bayonets is probably around 800 since it was ordered 800 field jaeger muskets.

The blade of the bayonet was made by cutting down the blade from the M/1773 pallasch.

The bayonet was originally order to Jämtlands fältjäger corps (Jämtlands fältjäger korps).

För Sveriges ära, för Sveriges makt,
över berg, över dal, skallar Jämtlands jakt
Song for the Jämtlands fältjägare, Esaias Tegnér  1821

The bayonet for leather grips and was delivered with leather scabbard.

The M/1815-20 bayonet. A small part of the locking mechanism is missing on the bayonet in the picture

Grip M/1815-20

Detail M/1815-20