M/1767-69 Dragoon

Norway  Denmark

Socket Bayonet for Dragon Musket M/1767 and Dragon Musket/Carbine M/1769

This socket bayonet got produced at Kronborg Geværfabrik for use by the dragoons. The term dragoon was used from the middle of the 1800-century to define a soldier fighting from the horseback utilizing meele weapons and who was fighting dismounted using fire arms.

In Norway from year 1768 there were four dragoon regiments. These were the first, second and third Sødenfjeldske dragoon regiment and the Nordenfjeldske dragoon regiment. 

M/1767-69 dragoon bayonet


LengthLength bladeLength socketDiameterWeigth
ca 460ca 330ca 88ca 23

Used with firearm:

M/1767 14-lødig dragoon musket2.957
M/1769 14-lødig dragoon musket10.000
M/1769 16 lødig dragoon carabine-

The bayonet is similar to the M/1765-69-74 bayonet, but has smaller dimensions.

M/1767-69 dragoon bayonet (below) and M/1765-69-74 bayonet (above)

M/1767-69 dragoon bayonet (below) and M/1765-69-74 bayonet (above)

The socket seen from below

Unidentified marking