Swedish Socket Bayonet for  M/1747-89 flintlock musket (modified)

The Swedish M/1747 socket bayonet is a changed version of the M/1747 bayonet. The M/1747 bayonet have a triangular blade. The bayonet is secured to the musket with the mortise in combination with a wing screw.

Parts of the mortise was sealed and the mortise was changed as a modification made in 1789. The modification enabled the bayonet to be mounted on the righthand side of the musket.

The M/1747 bayonet was probably produced several different places, including Wira Bruk. Where the actual M/1747-89 changes where done, is unknown to me.

M/1747-89. The wing screw on the pictured bayonet has been replaced at a later time.

Lengde Lengde bladLengde dølleDiameterVekt
ca 717ca 575ca 88ca 24


M/1747-89 modifisering