Danish M/1950


Danish M/1950 Bayonet for M1 Garand Self Loading Rifle

The M/1950 knife bayonet is a Danish produced version of the US M1 bayonet (M/1942) for use with the M1 Garand Self Loading Rifle.

The bayonet was produced by HTK, Hærens Tekniske Korps in Danmark. Hærens Tekniske Korps was a Danish military organisation responsible for Ny Tøjhus, Våbenarsenalet og Hærens Geværfabrik. Between 1952 and 1961 ble HTK was named Forsvarets Krigsmateriel Forvaltning, FKF. There exist M/1950 bayonets named both HTK and FKF.

M/1950 bayonet for Den Kongelige Livgarde, The Danish Royal Guards

The bayonet used a plastic scabbard in imitated woods, but there is also a black version, used by the Danish Royals Guards. For this version the scabbard is painted black and the blade is parkerised.

Scabbards for M/1950 market HTK.

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