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Socket Bayonet for Infantry Musket M/1785

The Danish-Norwegian infantry musket M/1785 was approbated on the 9th of September 1785. Together with the matching bayonet, it was produced fra 1786 to 1789. 3,200 muskets was delivered in 1785, 3,500 in 1787, 1,500 in 1788 and finally 1,200 in 1789. All together 9,400 bayonets and muskets was made. The bayonet is flat on the broad side and it got fullers on the other two.

Lengde Lengde bladLengde dølleDiameterVekt
ca 520ca 385ca 93ca 22,5

The M/1785 bayonet was the first bayonet produced at Kronborg that featured a locking ring. The locking ring was made in two parts and hinged. On the picture below the bayonet is missing the locking ring.

M/1785 bayonet

The socket on the M/1785-bayonet Marked N. 205

M/1785 bayonet