British p.1907


Long Knife Bayonet for No.1 MkIII Enfield Rifle (SMLE)

The British versions SMLE No. 1 Mk III og No. 4 Mk I of the Lee Enfield-rifle, got used by the Norwegian Brigade in Scotland during WWII. During the war it was the standard rifle in the Norwegian Army (based in Great Britain), and in the Norwegian Independent Brigade Group, BAOR (Tysklandsbrigaden) until 1952. At that time the army standardised on American weapons.

For the SMLE No 1. Mk III a long knife bayonet got used, p.1907.

British p.1907 in scabbard

British p.1907

The first version of this knife bayonet had the British designation p.1907. Originally it had a large bent crosspiece called quillon. This later got replaced with a straight short version, since the quillon did not have any great practical use, and was expensive to produce.

Use in Denmark

According to Per Holmbäck the bayonet is listed in the Danish list, «Navnfortegnelse og Prisliste for 7,7 mm Gevær M/45 E» (1947), but is not verified used by Danish forces.